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Monday, January 13, 2014

Long time no post, Happy New Year and a bit of bling!

Well I hope the new year is being kind to you all and if it's not I hope you find your way through whatever is going on. 
Mine has been mixed but I'm grateful for all the good stuff.
I'm plumb out of inspiration for anything creative at the moment.  Well not completely but all my ideas revolve around Christmas stuff which is just a tad out of step with the calendar.
So instead I have been looking at stuff I splurged on a little while ago.
Like this:

So where will I wear it?   No idea, but I had to have it for some unfathomable girlish reason.  Didn't think there was a princess hiding inside but I might have been mistaken. Actually I'd rather have a Grand Duchess or an Arch Duchess to be honest, they always sounded so much more interesting.
Anyway this, I discovered after I received it, is based on Sarah Ferguson's wedding tiara so there's the duchess connection!
Fits nicely and I will look fabulous doing the mopping in it.


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    1. Venus jewellery on Ebay or there's a company on Aliexpress which is cheaper but doesn't appear to accept PayPal.

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  3. The Tiara is amazing! It has a vintage edwardian look

    1. I believe it was a new one purchased by the Queen especially for the event. Yes it does look a bit edwardian but it also looks a little like a georgian brooch I have.

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